Is Netflix a Hobby?

Google defines the world “hobby” as “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.”

I do a lot of things in my own time for pleasure… but do any of them really count as hobbies? I can come home and have a few hours to kill so I’ll throw on Netflix and watch a whole season of some random sitcom I didn’t even know was on TV. Is that a hobby? Or, I’ll take a nap. Are naps a hobby? Sometimes I’ll wander downstairs to the gym… is that a hobby? Well, probably not… I don’t enjoy the gym. It’s more of a punishment for the way I eat. -__-

I can’t think of a hobby! What do I do in my free time? Sometimes I nap. Sometimes I netflix. Sometimes I go out and get really wasted & then stay in bed for days, hating my life and promising I’ll quit drinking. And then I go out again. Is that a hobby? I just hate being asked what my hobbies are, because even though I enjoy doing these things in my spare time for pleasure, people throw hella shade when I tell them that my hobbies include Netflix & napping.

 JUST DON’T ASK ME! Are you interviewing me for a job? If so, WHY DO YOU CARE WHAT I DO OUTSIDE OF WORK! Are you trying to get to know me? If so… ok fine in that case you can ask someone what their hobbies are. But then don’t judge me when I tell you and you’re not that impressed by how I like to write but haven’t had anything published, or how I have a blog, but don’t really update it. Is tweeting a hobby? My twitter timeline isn’t that interesting, either…

I love to read books. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM. But then someone will follow up with “what kinds of books do you read” and I really can’t answer that because I’ll literally read a children’s book if it’s sitting there. I just like to read. The worst question is when they ask if I’ve read some well-known book that apparently the whole world has read and it has changed the literary world forever. No. I haven’t usually read it. But I have read all of the books in the Confessions of a Shopaholic series. Does that count? Like who made a rule that if you enjoy doing something, you gotta have knowledge of every single aspect of it? I like reading crap novels, but does that mean your hobby of reading great works of literature is better than mine?!

Here’s a list of things I have attempted to learn/get into in the hopes of them becoming hobbies. I have failed miserably in most of them.

1. Playing the guitar So I bought a cheap guitar and promised myself I’d learn how to play it and then wow everyone at gatherings with my ability to play the DDLJ theme or Wanderwall (I’m versatile, clearly). I bought the guitar over 2 years ago. Spent maybe 5 minutes trying to learn the DDLJ theme. Didn’t have the proper hand-eye coordination or motivation. The poor guitar is currently sitting behind my sofa.

IMG_33322. Learning Spanish I took Spanish for 4 years in high school and 2 semesters in college. Yet, I know the same amount of Spanish as someone who’s never taken a Spanish class in their life. So I bootlegged some Rosetta Stone stuff onto my laptop and promised myself my new hobby would be to learn Spanish. That was 2011, by the way. It’s still on my computer. I still haven’t even opened the app on my computer.

3. Drawing In high school, I took an art class and learned that I was a pretty decent artist. It was all I did the semester or the year I had that class. I had a sketchbook. I drew everything. I even gave an ex a drawing I made from a photo of the two of us. Last year, I lived with a girl who could draw cartoons and would give them to her boyfriend. I was like, “OH! That looks cool! I should get into that again.” And guess what. I couldn’t even draw a table. I bought a sketchbook and some pencils, and promised myself I would get back to it. I don’t even know where the pencils and sketchbook currently are…

4. Cooking HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I don’t. I can’t even finish this. I really wanted to learn how to cook. That lasted two seconds. I’ll stick to my Ramen diet. Thanks.

5. Yoga I got a GroupOn for hot yoga a couple years ago and fell madly in love. Within a few classes I felt lighter, more flexible, more relaxed. I was gonna be a yoga bunny! This was gonna be my jam!!! I bought another Groupon… and never used it. -__-

Ok so writing about the stuff I failed miserably at is depressing. Here is what I *think* are acceptable hobbies. I like to do these things, even if sporadically. Even if I suck at them.

1. Traveling Ok so this is something that I absolutely love. I LOVE LOVE LOVE traveling. But I’m also broke. And have bills. And loan payments. I am limited to one or two trips a year. Can it really be a hobby if you can only do it for 2 weeks out of 52? Actually, I guess the hobby part of it is planning the trips. Is looking up foreign places you wanna go to a hobby? Because that’s really what I do. I spend weeks, months looking at WHAT I wanna do. But I never actually get around to planning it. I leave for a trip in a little more than 2 weeks and have yet to book one of my connecting flights… WHOOPS.

2. Netflix I don’t care what none of ya’ll say, Netflix *is* a hobby. I do it in my free time, for pleasure. I live alone so I like constantly having background noise. So if I come home at 5 and throw on the TV while I do other things… I guess that doesn’t really make it a hobby… more of a lifeline.

3. Gym I know I said the gym is a punishment. But I stick to it. I’m proud of it. I’ve lost an inch off my waist in the last month (and probably gained it back this past weekend with my family…). So i guess it’s a hobby. I make time for in my day. I dread going to the gym but once I’m there, I’m happy. So I guess, even though my hobbies are not body building, bikini modeling, or whatever… going to the gym is something I’m finally starting to enjoy so it’s a hobby.

4. Napping I will sleep any chance I get. ANY. FRIKKIN. CHANCE.

5. Drinking I like to go out on the weekends. I like to order a Whiskey on the rocks. I find pleasure in it. I don’t find pleasure in the after effects: hangover, stomach ache, wasting the day in bed, sensitivity to light, etc… Is this a hobby or a drinking problem?

6. Writing Clearly, as I haven’t updated in over a month… I’m not doing too well in this hobby either. In my defense, I was working for a few weeks. and I have a shit ton of drafts full of ideas. So I am writing… haha just failing at sharing it on my blog.

I guess I do kinda have hobbies. They’re just not that impressive to some people… and they’re kinda basic and normal. I’m not climbing mountains or playing sports. But I *am* napping. And I love it. But… as an adult I feel like I should be doing more. I *should* be climbing mountains and playing sports. Even if i would rather just lay in bed. What do you think? Am I just lazy?? Am I really that basic?!!

Maybe I should add “contemplating if I’m living my life wrong” to my list of hobbies.

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