About Me

July 2018

I had originally started this blog to talk about all the unsuccessful adulting things I do in my life. Obviously that didn’t last long, just another hobby I forgot about. Back in March I went through a life-changing event. So I figured I would block about it and my recovery process. As of right now I am 30 years old, in a wheelchair, and completely dependent on my family. How’s that for unsuccessful adulting?


July 2015
“Who I have been is not who I am going to be” – Mindy Lahiri

Because of course, no “About Me” page is complete without a Mindy Lahiri/Kaling quote.

The original idea for this blog was to document my insatiable and unrealistic appetite for exploring. It was titled “Shots of Wanderlust” because 1. I like to travel, 2. I like to take (snap)shots of different places, & 3. I like to take shots (of liquor) in different countries.

But then I realized there’s more to my life than just traveling. I really suck at being an adult. I am a 27-year-old attorney with a six-figure school loan debt, living in a luxury apartment by myself because I am too stubborn to live with someone else, and I have 0 concept of a budget.

So I really just went from writing about one typical 20-something topic (“wanderlust”) to another typical 20-something topic (“I suck at life”).

Fun fact: by the time I decided to change the name of my blog to “Unsuccessful Adulting” I had already paid for a “Shots of Wanderlust” for a year SO I DECIDED TO PAY AGAIN TO BUY ANOTHER DOMAIN EVEN THOUGH I DON’T HAVE THAT KIND OF MONEY.

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