Let’s Take a Moment to Appreciate “Hymn for the Weekend”


Let’s talk about HOW MUCH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Hymn for the Weekend by Coldplay featuring Beyonce. I have watched the video repeatedly since I first saw it like a day ago. And I’m really upset that there are people out there who are so offended by the video. I think it’s beautiful! Why do we have to be so offended by everything? I appreciate the thought and creativity that went into the video, I think it shows India in a beautiful and colorful way, and Bey looks flawlessssssssss.

As someone on Twitter put it, it’s like seeing India through the eyes of a foreigner, “like when you go to a cool foreign place, don’t you try to take all the awesomeness in… now Coldplay is in India feeling that.” And that is so true! When I went to Greece last year, I was in awe of everything that people living there probably take for granted. Oh this centuries old statute? No big deal to them, but AHHHHMAZINGGGG TO ME. I doubt that the good people of Athens stare at the magnificence of the Acropolis every time they pass it. Or that the locals in Santorini stop what they’re doing every day to see the most beautiful sunset in the world. And that’s how the Hymn for the Weekend video feels. I never look at holi the way the video portrays it. It looks beautiful, magical, WONDERFUL. And what’s wrong with that?

I came across so many comments and posts about how the video only shows the “lower section” of Indian society.Ā  Why are we so mad that white people show the “lower section” of Indian society? When really, how often does Bollywood acknowledge that that part of our society even exists?? Furthermore, how often do Indians fetishize (is that even spelled correctly?) white people and western culture? Indians find beauty in “light” features and the western lifestyle, but we are sooo offended when people find beauty in parts of our own culture that we so often overlook.

I have avoided going to India for the last few years. One, because my family is on my case for not being married and all my relatives in India who are younger than me/my age are married, and two, because I’m so used to going that I find it boring whenever I do go. But after watching this video, I was reminded of how beautiful it really is and I actually told my mom I want to go back with her this year. I don’t get that kind of feeling when I’m watching an Indian movie or television show, because they never show that. Most of our movies are focused on foreign locations, and middle class/affluent characters. I can’t remember the last time I saw an Indian movie and was like “omg this makes me miss India.” Instead, it’s like “oh is that South Africa” or “oh snap they’re shooting in Europe again.” Indians love foreign locations and watching foreign actresses in Bollywood movies playing Indian characters, in case nobody noticed. But when a foreigner uses India as a location, we are offended no matter HOW it’s portrayed.

I don’t know about everyone else, but when I travel I hate doing commercialized tours or just touristy things in general. I instead befriend locals and ask them what to do. Sure, I’ve missed out on some landmarks that other people go see when they go to the same places, but I’ve also gotten to see some places and have some experiences that I would not have had if I had gone on a Contiki trip or any other pre-planned vacation. And that’s what, in my opinion, Hymn for the Weekend shows. Sure, it could have shown other aspects of Indian culture instead of focusing on “street kids” and sadhus and whatnot… but that part of India also exists and it’s okay that people acknowledge that.


Also, people are really mad at Beyonce’s outfit in the video. I’m mad at that weird face thing she’s wearing because… it’s ugly. But other than that – whyyyy are we so maddddd? I hate the logic that “well coz people get bullied for wearing Indian outfits every day but then white people go in and wear it and it’s ok.” Let’s be clear – the people who are picking on others for dressing differently are not the ones who are appreciating this video. So if some people are ignorant, that doesn’t mean that other people can’t appreciate the outfits. I’ve gone on enough twitter rants about this topic, I’ll save it for another day.

Anyway, rant over. Gotta go study. BUT LOOK GUYS I BLOGGED AGAIN IN LESS THAN A MONTH!



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